Screenwriters L-Z


 Television: The Gun in History
 SF: Succubus, Antonia's Angel, Feast.

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Children's Television: Lah-Lah's Adventures, Hoopla, YoYo's Hidey House, Animalscope, Outback Aussies,DiDi & B, Elmo & Ollie, Dive Olly  Dive (S2), Sarah Sam and Singing Henry, Raggs (S1,2&3), New MacDonald's Farm (S3), Blue Water High (S2), The Fairies, Emily Eyefinger,  Bambaloo (S1&2), Blinkey Bill (S3),Dot's Bots.

 Television: Home & Away, Crash Palace.

 Children's Television: Enyo, Erky Perky, New Macdonald's Farm, Wicked, Mirror, Mirror 2, Ship To Shore, The Ferals, Sky Trackers, Lift Off.

 Television: Blue Heelers, English at Work, G.P, A Country Practice.

 Feature Film: Rowan of Rin.

 Telemovie: The Time Game. 


 Television: Backwash, She Doctor, 700 Voices in a Choral Sea, Look Films/Look Television, Bride & Groom, Calypso Clash.

 Children's Television: Playschool, Eggsperts, Lah, Lah, Pipsqueaks, Dive Olly Dive 2, Jonni Pops, Hi-5, Flipper & Lopaka 3, Bambaloo 1-2,  Playhouse, Disney, Art Alive, Chrissie & George  Get A Life.

 Television: Gone to a Good Home.

 Television: Neighbours, Home & Away, Access the Best, All Saints, Children's Hospital, Mr Big Cartoons, Bush Safety, A Country Practice.


 Feature Film: User Friendly, Uncles Story.

 SF: Rud's Wife. 

 Television: Aroha, Tala Pasifika, The Steven Shuttleworth Story: True Life Stories, The Jonathan Sturt Story: True Life Stories, Kupe, Shortland  Street,  Homeward Bound, Marlin Bay, Gloss, Shark in the Park


 Feature Film: Caught Inside (Co-Writer).

 Feature Film Script Editor: Holiday, The Jungle.

 SF: Charles Darwin in Bathurst 1836, Runaway Chainsaw.

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 Television: Letting Go,John Norton - The People's Hero,John Curtin - The Loner in the Lodge(feature length doco)Every Move She  Makes(telemovie-co-writer).

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 Film: One More River, Killing Time, Weeping Waters, 
 Television: Madhouse, Bluebirds, Pearls, Crash Palace, Breakers, Children's Hospital, A Country Practice, G.P, E Street, Echo Point, Passion:  The Night of the Missing Bridegroom.

 Children's Television: High Five, Outriders, Ocean Girl, The New Adventures of Black Beauty, Deepwater Haven.